Great Minds Think Different

Following from last year’s fantastic launch Great Minds Think Different is back. We want to celebrate the creativity, skills & enterprise of people with dyslexia and neurodiversity everywhere. On Tuesday 26th November from 7pm we are bringing these celebrations to Platform Southwark with discussions, performances and much more!

This site is a hub to celebrate the skills, creativity & enterprise of people with neurodiversity. We want to transform the conversation, challenging broken systems and misconceptions in order to reflect the incredible work that’s being done by neurodiverse people everywhere.

The event is championed by the minds behind Exceptional Individuals, the UK's first neurodiverse employment agency, whose mission is to provide employment opportunities to people and work with inclusive employers to utilise all the unique skills people bring.

Artwork by our very own Karl Cotta.



We are in production for our very first short film, talking to 6 young people about how dyslexia has shaped the way they work.



We will be running events, workshops and seminars, check out some pictures from the past events.





We will be featuring great projects led by dyslexic and neurodiverse people, filling these pages with interviews and stories about their work. Stay tuned as they come out over the coming month, and get in touch if you want to suggest a project to be featured!

GMTD Press Release
Similarities and Differences
What is ADHD?

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We want to hear from you! Whether you want to get involved in the campaign, support us or just have a chat please get in touch. You can call us on 0208 133 6046, email us admin@excep.co.uk, or contact us on social media.

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